Dream For Three

A new year starts

Well we have start our school year for the year this week, and Sammie is not exactly thrilled to bits.

We are continuing our two WinterPromise studies of Animals and the Worlds and Children Around the World. We are picking up where we left off last year, so have about three weeks left to finish up Africa, before we can move on to the next animal habitat.

This year we are doing chemistry for the first time, using Noeo Science, so far it is going really well and we are really liking the combination of books and hands-on activities. It is very like WinterPromise in its make up so I am expecting it to be a big hit with us as well.

Over the holidays we did a Horse lapbook and that was lots of fun. We discovered lapbooks half way through last year, and have found them a good way to record what we are working on.

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