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Edible Landscapes

Edible Landscapes! What a lovely picture that puts in my mind. I would love to be able to say we have an edible landscape, but alas, I can’t.

I can however say that we were luck when we moved here that a lot(but not all) of the landscaping was already done. The garden has mostly good framework, but I wonder at some of the plant choices.

We do have a large orchard of established trees. Many of them are rows of all the same variety, so we will slowly be adding some lovely heritage trees so that we can have a longer cropping season, but it is nice to have a base to begin with.

The vegetable garden when we moved in consisted of one medium sized retained area, and three boxes, one in potatoes, one in strawberries and one in asparagus. A good starting place. The rest of the gardens were all ornamental with a big weedy area facing the drive.

This is our second summer here now and we are trying to learn from our mistakes. Last year I was so busy getting the hang of harvesting the summer fruits and veges, that I forgot to plant as well. So when autumn came we had nothing fresh in the garden.

This year I am using the ‘Planting Planner‘ to remind me, so that I have a visual aid to ensure we have something fresh in the garden all year round. Now this week I have to plant Celery, parsnips, beetroot, silverbeet and carrots so that we can have vegetable soup when the weather gets cooler.

In order to do this I have decided to move the strawberries to around the edges of the herb garden and one other garden so that I can use the box for the root vegetables. It is hot out there so I only have half done so far. I know it is not a good time to transplant strawberries, but they were buried under a pile of weeds anyway, so nothing ventured nothing gained.

The plan in so turn the weedy patch out front into a series of garden boxes. So far only one has been done, and that is where the tomatoes went this year. So far so good, the plants are growing well and even have tomatoes forming, so yay!

We have also this year planted some beans for drying, so we can have homemade baked beans in the winter. This is our first time growing dried beans and I am having a battle with the birds at the moment. They keep digging them up, so I have for now put some chicken wire over the top. That should fix them.

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