Dream For Three

Moving Lambs

Yesterday it was time to move the older lambs – they had been in their paddock for a few weeks now.  Mum and daughter had attempted this earlier in the week, but with the long grass around the gates, the lambs were reluctant to go where they were told.  This resulted in five lambs in a paddock where they were not supposed to be and two lambs in the original paddock.

 So, first things first, out with the weedeater and clear a patch around the gates – sounds easy, eh?  Half an hour or so later and we were ready to move the lambs.  By the time I had done the last gate, Mum and daughter had already managed to get the two lambs through the “middle” paddock and into the bottom one, where we wanted them – they had still been reluctant to go through the long grass, they were at least in the right paddock before they encountered it :)

Now it was time for the last five.  Fortunately they were in the paddock just North of the middle paddock, so they weren’t too far away.  So with Mum and daughter strategically positioned on the hill, I “ushered” the lambs down from the top.  But, upon reaching the gate, they decided they maybe they didn’t want to go through afterall, so they headed between us and back up the hill.  Our daughter then (reluctantly) when up the hill to head them off, but that just encouraged them to go “through” the closed gate – go figure!  Unfortunately that resulted in them now being in the same paddock as the older sheep and the four new lambs.

So next we had to move all of them into the pens (miles away) so we could sort them out.  This probably wasn’t so bad because it gave us a chance to separate out some of the fatter ones and put rings on the new lambs.

Putting them sheep and lambs back was a slightly easier job, since we now put the two older ewes (who needed fattening up after lambing earlier in the year) in with the older lambs (yes, some of theirs), so the lambs just followed the older ones through the gates.

We then put the three “fatter” ewes in a low grass area, and the three mothers (with ringed lambs) in the house paddock – another job finished! :)

The rest of the afternoon (for me at least) was spent mowing the orchard.  I think I managed not to run over any waterers, for a change!

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