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Musings of a Bean

As I am in the vegetable garden this afternoon, I notice a couple of beans that somehow managed to get missed in my regular collections. These beans are working hard to fulfill their purpose, to recreate the plant. As I gather my mind wanders to the thought that such a plant must have while it frantically produces pods in the hopes that some will not be picked and so the species survives. An odd thought but we should give thanks to the humble bean, which works so hard and provides us with so much.

This year, with the help of the the planting planner, I have managed to almost perfectly time the sowing of my beans so that crop just finishing, while the next has started to flower, while still another will take up where this one leaves off. There should be enough for us to eat fresh, as well as some in the freezer for winter.

The zucchinis are finishing, and as they slow down the corn and beans fill the gap. Likewise in the orchard the plums are pretty much done, but this morning as I was wandering through and feeding the chickens, I happened to pluck a ripe necterine of the tree, and it was beautiful and sweet and juicy. So good.

Our self perpetuating potatoes continue to keep us fed, and the while the tomatoes are just starting to ripen, the cucumbers have been flowing in fairly steadily for a couple of weeks now.


Tonights meal will be another delight from the garden and orchard. What more could we ask for.

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  1. adam smith says:

    Never heard of it before, but after reading this can say with assurance, that it’s a point of great interest and fun for me