Dream For Three

Nothing like home grown!

Well we had a very good anniversary weekend here. Although most of it was taken up with visiting cousins.

But Bevan did get the second in a series of garden boxes mostly built. Right up until he ran out of timber. Only six more to go and then we can plan the next bit.



We managed to eat dinner completely out of our garden on monday night, and it was so good to work out that it only cost us about five dollars for the main meal for the three of us. We grew our own garlic, rosemary, potatoes, capsicums, beans, zucchini and corn. We had to buy the olive oil and the almonds, but over all we were very pleased with ourselves. In fact we then had to celebrate but going out and picking some rhubarb and plums and making fruit crumble with ice cream. It was great.

The tomatoes re now starting to ripen, and the cucumbers are exploding with life all over the place.

The years worth of mint jelly is also now made ready for when the mint dies down in the winter.

The apples and pears are still a couple of weeks away but we look like we will get twice as many apples as last year. Thats good because it will make up for the bad plum season we had this year.

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