Dream For Three

Beating the Birds

I have a thrush that seems to have moved into my tomato and bean patch. It seems to be just one lonely bird, and it really wants to stay there.

The birds have seemed to be bolder this year and last year hanging CDs on the trees in the orchard seemed to be enough to deter them. This year we had a poor plum crop and it took the CDs and some strips of plastic in order for us to have any.

We had a much improved crop of necterines, in that we actually got to eat some this year, and the CDs seemed to work well for them.

As for the lonely thrush, last night when it was being so determined, I got my solar owl statue out from under the grape vine and sat it on the side of the garden box. For now this seems to be working.


As we are coming up to time to start planting the winter brassicas we need to address not only the ongoing bird problem, but also the white cabbage butterfly. It was time to invest is some bird netting.

We are using it two fold in that the first lot has been put over the box planted with carrot, parsnip and beetroot seeds to keep the birds off. We have been replacing a lot of the not so good fence wire around the place and so have a lot of this waiting for disposal. In the true spirit of recycling we have bent some into cloche hoops and put the bird netting over the this box.


Doesn’t really look pretty but it will keep the birds off.

I am in the process of covering some wire hanging basket with some of the bird netting, these should fit nicely over the brassicas as they are growing and will hopefully keep both the birds and the butterflies away for these plants. We have plenty of other plants that both these species can enjoy, so I don’t feel bad protecting some of our food crops.

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