Dream For Three

Noeo and WinterPromise a hit

Well I was right about Noeo science. Sammie loves it. We are doing level 1 chemistry and it is a wonder gentle introduction to what for many is a very difficult subject. We played with the first week over the holidays and she was fascinated with ‘Whats Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew’. It is so much fun to see her eyes light up when she comes across a reference elsewhere that she now understands. She has made a lot of effort to learn some of the new terminology, and is just engrossed in the periodic table.

Now that we are back in the swing of it,she is once again begging to do our WinterPromise work. We are currently working on Children Around the World and as I write this she is busy writing a report on Kenya for it.

We are reading the biography of vanilla and she is very engaged with it. The whole program is definitely broadening her awareness. She is, however, hanging out to get back to Animals and their Worlds because that is where her true passion lies.

I have to say though it is so much easier to teach a child who wants to do the work. I just wish she was so keen on things like spelling and math.

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