Dream For Three

The Mighty Spud

Yesterday was the day to harvest what was left of our potatoes.

We planted these in August, and have been eating them all summer. They have been great, but I decided that the last lot, which was about a quarter of the original bed, needed to be harvested, hardened off and then stored for later.

I was so pleased to get 15.3kg out of what was left  in the bed. It might not be quite enough to last all winter, but it will see us through for a little while at least.

On the same day, I managed to put another 1.2k of beans in the freezer for winter as well, so with what was already there, we should be able to get right through the winter with green beans.

The dried beans are podding up nicely and I can see that they will be a good experiment, and are looking to be quite successful for us.

The humidity is playing havoc with the tomotoe crop, and many of them are rotting before they are ripe, but I managed to get a few jars bottled for winter soups and sauces, so although a disappointment it is not a total waste.

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