Dream For Three

Tribute to George and Mildred

In October, as part of our grow our own system, we invested in a couple of weaner large black pigs. They were not very pretty or endearing at that time as they squealed and complained while they were carried from the trailer to the pen. I was not at all convinced that I would like having pigs, so they were very much an experiment.

We after a couple of days they had settled and were happily coming when food was offered and had the run of the paddock. The sheep had grazed the paddock and we had run and electric wire around the bottolm of the fence to keep them in as everyone had told us pigs were good escape artists. And the neighbours were very worried that they would get out.

Well they were very happy pigs they must of been getting more than enough to eat since the grass grew so long that it was soon taller than they were, so they looked really funny leaping over the grass as they bounded up the paddock with their ears flopping over their eyes. Eventually as they grew they did start to eat the grass down.


We were lucky that a friend offered us the goats whey left over from her cheesemaking, and the pigs loved it. They also loved the windfall fruit and exscess eggs, so feeding them wasn’t too expensive.

We took George and Mildred to the homekill guy yesterday. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as what I had expected.

I had had visions of us chasing them around and tackling them and then trying to wrestle them into the trailer.

What actaully happened was that we got them to wander up to the trailer a couple of times and they sniffed at it and then deciding that even with the apples on it it didn’t smell right, so they wandered off again in search of better pickings.

So off I went and got a couple of slices of hay, spread it over the trailer base, banged the food bowl, and wouldn’t you know it George just walked on.

Mildred by this time was way up the other end of the paddock, so I went and ot some Nachis for George to munch on and by the time I got back Bevan had called her down and re-opened the door, and she looked at George in ther just finishing off the apples and decided it was a good place to be. So up she climbed.

Easy Peasy. I felt a moment of regret as we drove down the drive and past their paddock, but that was all.

We were told that they will be back in about 10 days so not too long to wait.

Things feel like they are finally coming together and this will be our first homegrown animals, so we are looking forward to it.

At the end of the day, having pigs are on or list of things to do again, so there is progress.

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