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Random Thoughts as the Seasons Change

Its been awhile since I have written, as there hasn’t seemed to be anything that stands out to write about. That isn’t to say that we have not been doing anything, but just life been going through one of those times when it just chugs on, while you seem to just do the same things over and over. It has been busy, but it has also been the same.

As we say goodbye to the summer garden, I am reluctant to clear out the sad looking tomatoes and peppers in the hope that winter may not be quite so close. But the truth is that winter is on its way, and we all need to turn our thoughts and embrace it.

Last winter I noticed what grew well and there were a couple of months there that, even here in the winterless north, nothing really grew at all. So this year I have been filling the garden early with many of the winter veges we will be wanting.

This may seem like a good thing to do, but has been problematic due to the hugh amount of white cabbage butterflies we have had to contend with. They are every where and seem to be able to get in tiny gaps around the garden boxes to lay there eggs. All the brassicas have bird netting covers still on them, but the butterflies are getting very clever all the same. I had some cauliflower seedling almost ready to plant out, and some cabbages just popping there heads up, but when I looked at them this weekend, they have suddenly become nothing more than stalks. Luckly I have been interval sowing my seeds so all is not lost, but with the warm weather fading I went into a bit of a panic, and went and bought some seedlings from Koanga Gardens (which we are luck is just down the road from us). So now we have some wonderful heritage seedlings that we didn’t plant sitting in the garden under some frost cloth. Interesting that the cauliflower I got from them was that same one that I had planted, but the broccoli was different. This is good since it hasn’t messed too much with my planning on the Planting Planner.

We have been luck this summer, in that while most of the country have be suffering a drought we have had just enough rain to keep the grass growing. We are going into winter with a little less growth than last year, but as the grass is still growing we will hopefully get through well.

We have also chosen this year to hold off getting the ram in for a while. Since we are only raising the lambs for our own use and not for the open market we have a bit more freedom to move. After the christmas lambs being so easy to care for because of the warm weather, we decided that having the first lamb born on august the first like last year, was just making the winter harder. So hopefully the ram will go in with the ewes in a couple of weeks, and we will have lambs the end of september.

All our winter firewood is in, and we still have pears and now also feijoas in the orchard.

It has been with great pleasure that we have watched our grocery bill drop down to less than half what it was before we started this venture. With food prices rising steadily, we are eating as well as, if not better than we use to for a fraction fo the price. I often now wonder if it wouldn’t be a good thing for downturn in the economy if it forces more people to plant a garden and grow even a little of their own food. There is something amazing and very satisfying about sitting down to a meal that you have produced yourself. Italmost feels like free food when the main cost is just time. A packet of seeds can go an awful long way.

Pretty soon we will have to start the autumn clean up, and there will be lots pruning and composting, but for now I am content to just pretend that it is still summer, even if it is getting colder.

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