Dream For Three

Three Days with no Children

I know to most families having three days with no children is no big deal,  but here is never happens, so it was a novelty.

This year, Sammie wanted to go to daycamp.

She caught the bus from town each morning at 9:15am, and I picked her up from the bus stop and 4:15pm. It was such a change in routine for us with having to pack lunches and be on time for the bus, I am very glad that I don’t have to do it everyday.

At daycamp, she caught up with some of her friends, and my cousins children were there too. The first task after beinging put into ther groups was to claim a spot the the team hut. Each group had to build a hut over the three days that was then judged on the last day. They had so much fun with it and all the huts looked different. Sammie was thrill the first day when she got a certificate for her hut garden, as she had worked very hard on it.

They also get to cook sausages over a campfire at lunch time, which gave them all a thrill.

In the afternoon they had a choice of 12 electives.  Sammie made a boat and a kite which was her choice for electives.

On the last day they went on a hike and had a waterslide, finished their huts and the parents were invited to come and inspect the huts, and stay for prizegiving and a barbeque dinner.

It was great to see so many happy children proudly showing off their handiwork, and the spirit of the camp was very uplifting.

Sammie came home already planning her hut for next year, so I guess she will be going again.

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