Dream For Three

Brrr, its cold

There is a very cold, polar blast coming up the country today and it is really cold.

Even the pigs hae taken cover in there house because it is just too wet and cold today.

Feeding the animals takes on a whole new meaning when you are wadding through mud in the freezing cold, while trying to dodge the raindrops.

I am so glad I moved the horses out of the mud yesterday, because we have had a hugh amount of rain since then. Ok so I know they will be standing in mud again before winter is out, but for the time being they are out of the mud.

It is casserole weather and it is very comforting to sit in front of the fire, smelling a wonderfull warming meal cooking, and knowing that it is made mostly with food we have put away for just such a time. Some of it is even growing now.

So we will have a wonderful Beef and Vegetable casserole today made with home grown beef from our boy Rusty. Carrots and Celery are harvested as we need them and are in the crockpot along with the garlic and oregano for flavouring as well as some of the bottled tomatoes. It will be served with lovely creamy mashed potatoes and some of the beans that we froze in the summer. Mmmm makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

I have to be honest though, I don’t like being cold or wet so I look forward to spring coming.

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