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The Cold Weather Has Finally Come

Just as we were thinking that winter was going to bypass us, the cold weather has finally reached us.

We had our first and only frost so far about 2 weeks ago, followed by the wonderful tree pruning weather.

Guess what I have been doing, yes cleaning up the garden and starting to prune the fruit trees in the orchard.

Now one of the problems with having a large home orchard is that it take so much time to maintain it. If this was my only job then it would be different, but I am squeezing it in around all the other things I have to do. The other thing is that when we moved in, most of the trees had been neglected for a few years, so it  is a long slow job to reshape and knock them into some sort of shape again.

The two rows of apples are now responding well to all the compost and food they have been getting so whereas last year there was very little to do to prune these nongrowing trees, this year they have grown quite a lot.

The large peach and necterine trees had a big prune this year, as did the cherries.

Plums well it is a work in progress. The trees that got a big prune last year, have had a smaller maintainece prune and work has started to reshape more.

Pears well I will admit to only getting one of those done so far, still its early days yet and if we manage to get more fine days then we can continue with the pruning.

The rest of the garden has been having a fairly major cleanup as well while the fine weather persisted. There has been a lot of weeding, chopping, pruning, pulling out, digging up etc. Not much replanting at this stage but it too will come.

We have also ended up with another couple of pigs. Tamworths this time. Sammie has called them Tom and Rose. They are smaller than the large blacks we had, but after treating them for worms, lice etc they are growing well. They arrived with a mild case of mange, but are coming right with that now. Sammie and I had great fun trying to catch them for their treatment as they are quite people shy, they don’t even like to have a scratch while the eat. Still we did manage to catch them and Sammie sat on them while I popped a needle behind their ears. I was amased at how they didn’t even flinch when it went in. Poor things, still they have stopped scratching now and the hair on them is growing back, so they are starting to look much healthier.

I am not thrilled with the way they were ringed and they are having great fun rooting up the paddock, so will probably not do winter pigs again. They need to be gone around October as we have some more large blacks booked for the summer. We should end up with plenty of bacon.

Now that the weather has turned, it is time to focus more on the homeschooling and this will be the time I reevaluate and plan for the coming year, but more on that later.

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