Dream For Three

An Exciting Trip

Yesterday we started our new school term with a field trip. With Bevan on holiday, we are having a much lighter week than usual, and also doing a few different things.

So in keeping with our animal habitats theme for the year, we went to the zoo. Now normally when we go to the zoo it is quite crowded and the animals are just sitting around sleeping or hiding, but this trip was different.

It was almost as if after two weeks of having constant large crowds of people through the school holidays, all the animals breathed a big sigh of relief and came up for air (so to speak). There were a few families with preschool children there, but mostly it was nice and quiet, so we got to enjoy the full impact of the sites with interference.

As we worked our way around the zoo, we saw the younger zebras playing. We watched a noted how they really were just like horses in striped pyjamas as the song says. It was nice to see them frolicing around a bit rather than just standing looking bored.

The lions were wandering around and then settled in a nice sunny spot in full view, and the flamegos just across the way were being very noisy. As we watched them all squacking away, they suddenly, as if with one thought took off running to the other side of their enclosure and then slowly wandered back, only to repeat the exercise. It was very interesting to watch.

The elephants were munching happily on there hay right by the fence, and then they went to the back of there enclosure for a wander around.

When we got to the hippos, they were both actually out of the water. As we watched they too wandered around for a bit and then instead of going back into the water or into their mud wallow, they chose to lie in the sun. The other hippo in the other pen was also out of the water, but the water was being drained out and then they waterblasted the area, so cleaning day in the hippo pen.

The servil got up and explored its pen, and the meerkats were all sitting in aline against the wall. They looked so funny you would almost think that they had been placed there. It reminded me of an Anne Gedes type of picture.


Now the funniest sight of the day was when we looked on at the orangatangs. One of the larger ones was wearing two towels. He was strolling around slowly, being careful that they didn’t fall off. It was hard to tell if he was pretending to be a person or if he was trying to hide under them. Either way, it was a great source of amusement for us.


The prize for he best posing animal had to go to the lemurs. When we reached their enclosure they were sitting there minding their own buisness. As we were planning a school exercise on this trip we were taking alot of photos of the animals. As soon as the camera came out, a couple of the lemurs sat up and put their front paws out as if they were posing for the camera. It was very funny to watch and they kept there arms up while we were there.


The tigers had babies, but the mother still had them in the den, so the zoo had set up some movie cameras and screens. In the corner of the den was a smaller enclosure into which we could not see, and that was where the cubs were. While we were watching father tiger came bounding out of the doorway he had been sitting in, and proceeded to play with some of his toys, and pull funny faces while he did.


Back in the den mother tiger decided that this was the right time to bring the babies out. Not outside but into the camered part of the den. So we got to see at least one of the cubs wandering around. A great treat indeed.

Back around in the rainforest area, the tamerin monkeys were quite prepared to put on a show as well, with one little baby practicing forward rolls over and over down a hill. And the macaw decided to talk to us as we went past.

All in all it was a very exciting trip and we were very glad that not only did the weather hold, but the animals put on a show for us as well.

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