Dream For Three

From Fiction to Reality

Sometimes things happen that leaves you wondering. We read funny stories in books and wonder how someone would think of it, or if anyone would be dumb enough to try it. And yet we have one of those stories ourselves.

A recent conversation we had reminded me of this event that happened a couple of months after moving here. We were very new lifestylers and were still trying to get our heads around a totally new way of living. Bevan was still trying to work out what it was that was on the otherside of the walls that he had spent his whole life within. Of course he now knows(I hope) that it is just outside.

Anyway, that weekend I had asked Bevan if he could have a look one of the water tanks because I thought we had a little leak in it, and we needed to decide what to do about it. So off he went to find the water tanks.

He had been gone for quite a while and I had forgotten all about it when he came in and asked if we had any chewing gum.

“In the pantry,” I said “what do you want it for?”

“I’m going to fix the water tank” was the reply

Now you can imagine all the thoughts that were going through my head at that comment, and with a certain amount of disbelief I decided that he must have been joking and that even he wasn’t that stupid.

A short time later I heard a shout for help and rushed to see what the problem was.

Well there was Bevan out at the water tank, frantically trying to plug the hole and stop the water from gushing out.

It seems that he was infact that stupid, and when he had tried to put the chewing gum in the tiny pinprick of a hole, he had managed to poke it right through, and so made the hole bigger.

“Help me” he says

“What do you want me to do?” I asked, trying not to laugh at him.

“Get those two empty containers there and put them under the leak to catch the water.”

Now I must have been short a few brain cells that day, because I did as he asked, and then had to ask him what he was planning to do with all those litres of water in the tank when the containers where full. At that point I think he realised the foolishness of trying to save the water, and I came in to find out the prices of new tanks.

Now we have all heard the story of the boy who put his finger in the dam, and we have all heard of chewing gum holding in all sorts of conditions. But I never once thought that any of those stories were real. But I guess some people will believe anything really.

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