Dream For Three

Ma, Pa, and Baby Pukeko

Pukeko QuiltIt all started a few years ago when friends of ours came over from England for a holiday. Although Jason and Nicole had been married here a few years earlier, their visit at that time was consumed by wedding plans and the ceremony. This was Nicole’s first chance to get to see a bit more of New Zealand.

After just a few days Nicole had concluded that there was no such animal as the possum. It appears that the squished things on the road were knitted bags, put there by the government to keep up the myth of the existence of possums. In all her days here she had not managed to see a single live possum! On the other hand, she had seen many live pukekos and had very much fallen in love with them.

Jason and Nicole’s first child was a long time coming and it was not the easiest of times for them. Fortunately all worked out well in the end and I was pleased to hear from Jason earlier this year that they were expecting another new addition to the family. I remember Nicole’s love of pukekos and I had seen a pukeko quilt hanging in The Applebasket Quilt shop in Kaiwaka.

I discussed it briefly with Sharon and we decided to buy a kitset version, which Sharon would make up and we could then send to them, hopefully before the new baby arrived. I must admit that Sharon worked long and hard on the quilt, managing to complete it in just a few months.

Finally, with just two weeks to go before the new baby is due, I managed to post the completed quilt off to England. Given that they are not that far off from heading into Winter time, Sharon put in a double layer of wool filler, ensuring that the baby will be snug and warm in the cold English climate.

It should arrive this week and I’m hoping that it will serve them well.

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