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Schoolwork should be Fun.

We we have just finished up our Desert Habitat study.

We followed the schedule from WinterPromise, and followed it up with a lapbook from Hands of a Child. This combination seems to be working for us really well. The Animal Habitats study is pretty easy, but has some very fun books, and it is great to have our learning days full of laughter and awe. In some of the books we either have our breaths taken away because of some interesting fact or picture, or we have to stop reading while we control our laughter. WinterPromise have done a fantasitic job of putting together an interesting, fun and informative program.



Our Desert Lapbook and some of the books we used in the desert study.

Because this program is so easy, we have chosen to raise the bar bit and have added a lapbook in with each habitat we study. So far we have done Grassland Savanahs, Rainforests and now Deserts. In between we have done some geography and culture relating to the habitats we have been learning about. So we have also done Africa, and North and South America.

We have a fabulous 5′x3′ wall map that we are labling as we study each continent. Sammie has learnt so much about geography, which we then reinforce with various games as well. The map also came from WinterPromise, along with their Children around the World program, that we are alternating our other stuff with.


In fact, we have liked our WinterPromise study so much, that we have just recieved a language arts course from them. Next year we will, also, probably continue with the same company.

It is great when it all works out well.

One Response to “Schoolwork should be Fun.”

  1. Nikki Sturrock says:

    Love the whole environmental aspect. Where are you based? We have a mini zoo going on here in the back yard and welcome home schoolers and anyone really to come on an egg hunt and hang out. I have a 4yr old and 1 yr old and am looking to homeschool. We are in otahuhu Auckland and would love to be around other nature lovers.
    Both my husband and I work in environmental industries, he more than me now and are just finding our way in the world of homeschool, any help would be greatly appreciated. Nikki