Dream For Three

Taking Stock and Starting Again

In three weeks time, we will have been here for two years.

In two weeks it will be spring.

Now is the time I have been looking at how we have been fairing especially over the winter. We have not done too badly for beginners at this really.

The animals have come through an especially wet winter without any losses. The horses have their daily feed of hard feed and hay, but have made a hugh mess of the paddocks, and there are puddles and mud everywhere.

The cows have been happily munching in the big boggy paddock down the back. Daisy was dehorned and seems to have got over that quite well. Curly Sue will be ready for the homekill guy as soon as the paddocks dry out enough to for him to get his truck in. We are still hoping to get a cow we can milk this year, but if not it will still be a year away before we have our own milk.

The pigs are up to there bellies in mud, and I will be going back to what I first thought. Never have pigs in winter. They have not been much fun and we have had problems with their rings. We went to the trouble to get the vet to ring them both, and they have both managed to pull them out. The paddock has that plowed look and we have to wade through ankle deep mud just to feed them

We chose to lamb late this year, and I am not unhappy with that choice. The lambs should be arriving at about the time the grass flushes. It has been so wet this year that the grass might even be slower in coming.

The chickens have been laying again and we are now back to the point where we have an abundence of eggs.

Most of the pruning has been done in the orchard although there is still some waiting, but the weather has been detrimental to pruning so it has to be just slotted around the rain.

We have not done too badly with our winter garden this year, although things are starting to look sad now. We still have celery growing well and are down to our last row of carrots, some of which are still quite small. The broccoli has pretty much finished and we only have one cauliflower left coming on. The cabbages have been extremely slow and we have only had one so far. They are starting to head up now, but I will have to get them in earlier next year. The lettuces have finally gone to seed and the spinach and silverbeet has slowed right down too.

Things to change. Well we need to grow more potatoes next year without a doubt. We have also had word that the seed potatoes of the types we like will no longer be available in the future so we need to grow some especially for seed too. I would have liked a few more pumpkins as well and need to get peas into the freezer. The beans held out well but have come to an end now. The tomatoes that I bottled ran out way to early and we only have one jar of apple left. In saying that, we did not try to stretch them out, but just had them when we felt like it. We still have plum sauce and jam as well as the mint jelly. So although it is slim pickings at the moment, we have eaten well over the winter anyway.

So what is to come. Well I have already started some of our potatoes and will continue to plant them for a while yet. My tomato in my fish tank is growing well and although it will probably go out later when it is warm enough, it gives me hope that we maybe able to grow a few things in there next winter. I have already planted some more lettuce and carrots and since my poor little choko drowned i the rain, I am hoping to get some more of them started. The first sowing of peas is up, with a second smaller one just planted this week. I will make a big sowing of peas in the next couple of weeks so that we can have them harvested before the hot weather wilts them.

I put an order into King seeds on Sunday, and by Wednesday the seeds where here. Pretty good service really. I am looking forward to getting the plants in having some changes to the vegetables again. It is fun to plan what we will eat in the coming year, but hard to wait for the ground to dry out an warm up. Still it will come soon enough and in the meantime, we have had a good winter of schoolwork and sewing while it was so wet and cold outside.

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