Dream For Three

A New Arrival

What a morning. I went out to do the usual feeding and checking of all our animals. Chickens are all good, pigs are all good. Normally I would feed the horses and check the cows next, but today I checked one bunch of sheep in the paddock. Some of these are looking a bit thin and since they are due to lamb anyday now, I check them every morning. The fat sheep are in another paddock with less grass and when I checked them a couple of days ago they all looked good and a long way off lambing.The hoggets and the last of the late lambs are also in with the skinnies. All looked good, not little bundles – twins mum and triplets mum both look almost ready to pop. Turned around and ran my eye over the hoggets and one of them had a hugh bearing. Not good! She is not a friendly and there is no way I could get up to her in the paddock, so Sammie and I had to get them into the yards. Now I know twins mum is getting really close, because she was really stroppy and didn’t want to play. She gets like that with her lambs. We ended up being able to leave her behind and got the rest up all the time watching the bearing getting bigger and bigger.In closer examination I decided this was something that was too hard for me to deal with on my own so the vet was called in. Turned out to be the best thing as the prolaps had torn and needed stitching up. Poor girl looked really uncomfortable.Now I thought I had better go and run my eyes over those fat sheep again just to make sure all is well. Well what a surprise! Heres what I found when I went down there.



 A healthy, fluffy little ewe lamb. It took a while to convince the new mother to move up three paddocks away for the other sheep to where there is better grass for her to feed her baby on, but we got there in the end.So it has definately been a sheep morning and although she was not the one I thought would pop first, she did have a successful and problem free birth. Now we just have to wait for the others to come.

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