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A Season in the Garden Part 1

I have decided to make a photo diary of one growing season in the garden to watch the changes as they progress.

It is spring, and things are just starting to kick off for the season. Most of the garden, right now,  is either empty, waiting for the remains of the winter crops to come out or busy growing weeds.

I have been weeding a mulching as the weather permits for the last couple of weeks and have some seeds started and ready to go.


I may have over done the tomatoes but we will have plenty as we go along. And of course everything is being planned out in the Planting Planner to give us a continuous supply throughout the year.

So now we are just waiting for the right weather and temperatures to really get up and running.

Now come and see my garden at the beginning of spring.



This winter I planted four blueberries. Bevan said that I could not  have a raised bed there for them so I have planted each one in an old tire. I had problems with the birds digging them up, so a few broken bricks on top seem to have kept the plants in the ground and the birds gone. The plan is to be able to attach aome bird netting to the fence to drape over the plants at fruiting time. We will see if we get there.


When we moved here this garden bed had a hugh flax plant in it. After much effort we pulled it out and then grew very late corn in it. Last summer we grew our wonderful chipawa potatoes and over winter cauliflower and broccoli was in there. It was good as the garden is right outside the door and has a path next to it. The last stumps from the brassicas are still there waiting to be removed and composted. I had carefully removed as many potatoes as I could find when we harvested in the autumn, but as you can see some got missed and they have popped up again.  I have also planted my only lone raspberry plant, as this is on the colder shadier side of the house.

At the other end of this garden, I have planted this years garlic under the papaya tree.


Then we come to what was the main vegetable garden.


As you can see I have started to mulch a bit with the grass clippings, they make good worm food in the garden. I have three still small zuchinni plants in the corner, two green and one yellow, and the bigger plant is a hydranga.


On the other half of this garden, I have a row of carrot seeds that can’t be seen yet, and some more cauliflower. It is a garden waiting for some plants mostly now.


Next is the asaragus bed, it has been mulched this year with seaweed and grassclippings. I have been enjoying nice fresh asaragus for a couple of weeks now and there should still be plenty to come. At the back of this bed are several clumps of chives, and to the side some rhubarb. Above it is a very healthy crop of spinach and a few silverbeet plants.


Now this was a strawberry bed when we moved in here, which was great until there ended up just too many buttercups. It became too hard to weed and since the two plants seemed to have a similar look I decided to just replant all the stawberries and use the box for other things. Over the winter we have had plenty of carrots as well as some beetroot from this bed, with just a few carrots left at the end of the box. At the top are just a few lettuce seedlings.


The peas are coming along well in this box, they are meant to be dwarf peas but they are growing alot taller than was expected, but they should be starting to flower soon too. When we arrived there were potatos in this box, so we do get the odd potato popping up here too.


This is the box that Bevan built for Sammie. She has been slowly filling it with animal manure, compost and grass clippings. She has not yet decided what she wants to plant in it but is thinking about corn this year.


The developing herb garden survived the winter with the Lemon Balm, Sage, and Rosemary, still intact. The thyme and orageno did not survive here, so a new orageno has already been planted and I do have another thyme plant in another spot, so all is not lost.


The parsley went to seed in the autumn so I only have this little seedling right now, which is also mulched with grass clippings. I do plan to plant more though.



Now this is one of the two new garden boxes we are building around the other side of the house. At one end I planted some cabbages and the other some celery over the winter. Now I am planting potatoes so that as they grow I can hill them up and slowly fill the box with compost. It is a big box so there should be lots of potatos by the end of it.


This is the other new box and as you can see it is still to be finished. My plan is to put my tomatoe crop in this box since it is on the hottest side of the house. We also have plans for more boxes around this area, but who knows when that will get done, in the meantime I am planning to grow our pumpkins where the boxes will be so that I can start to work the soil.

So that is our garden at present, I think it is going to be good to see how the plants grow and what changes we have as we move more into the growing season.

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