Dream For Three

Another First For Daisy

Daisy our future house cow is slowly getting quieter in preparation for the day when we will get some lovely creamy milk off her.

Last week she had her first ever visit from the AI man, and she was not at all impressed, but she was well behaved. If she holds then we can expect her first calf on 10 July next year. Now that only gives me 9 months to get her completely settled to being handled by us.



Today I brought all the cows in. Cricket got to just walk through the yards and out the other side. SweetiePye and Daisy both got a good brush and had there udders washed.

 Daisy has never had her udder washed this morning, so I was unsure whether she would go into a panic or what would happen.

 Well she came in after Cricket, and I put her halter on and tied her to a nice sturdy pole with a hay net and a food bucket. When we first got her, she was too nervous around us to eat while I was around, but today, after all the work we have done, she was so interested in the feed bin that she didn’t even twitch while I brushed her.

 All was going well, Daisy had never been so relaxed while I was working on her before, so I was very pleased. I had a bucket of nice warm water, a sponge and a towel. So as quietly as I could I brought them over and went ahead and washed her udder.  Now I have been giving her udder a bit of a rub while I work on her, but washing was a new thing. Well, she stopped eating and just stood there stock still. She didn’t move a muscle until I was finished and then she went back to her feed bin.

 I went around to wash from the other side as well, and made the mistake of sloshing the water when she wasn’t expecting it, and she backed up as far as she could. I stopped and took a few minutes to settle her again, and then carried on a washed and dried her and gave her another quick brush.

 Now I have been wondering how we will cope with a kicky heifer that we are trying to milk for the first time, but after today, I feel that there is a chance that if I keep working with her she might just except being milked when the time comes next year.

 After Daisy it was Sweetie Pyes turn. She is getting close to calving, so I am wanting to establish a good routine for milking her in advance. I also need to form a plan for keeping the calf out the way while I milk her so all this work is important for making my life easier later.

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