Dream For Three


We have been talking on ond off about getting just one or two calves to feed. I think Bevan rather likes having the babies around so the whole idea appealed to him, but he was not pushing it since he is not the one that does all the work.

Then the chance came to get six calves at a good price. It seemed too good an opportunity to pass up, so today we went and collected six 2-3 week old calves, not too mention an investment in all the things we needed to raise them well.


They are all crossed with fresians ans we have two little bulls and four heifers. There is one hereford/x, one angus/x, and the rest are shorthorn/x. We thought we might name them after the seven dwarfs, but we will see if that happens or if we just end up naming the ones we keep.

They will live in the wood shed, which is almost empty at this time of year, and opens out onto this paddock with some lovely grass for them once they are eating it. We might need to end up finding a new home for our wood in the future.

The plan is to raise them to weaning, and then we will choose one or two of them to keep and sell the rest on to cover the cost. Time will tell if it works out this way.

This has come at a good time, since the pigs went to the butchers on Friday, and we won’t have the next lot arriving until sometime in November, by then the calves could well be all weaned and ready to go.

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