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I Birthed My First Lamb

Its always the pets that cause problems and Sammies pet lamb from last year is no exception.

Of course for the first time in weeks I didn’t check them this morning, but did after lunch. And sure enough there she was with the face of a lamb sticking out her rear end. And of course the stupid thing decided that today was the day that she did like people, and didn’t want to go anywhere where we could help her. So after half an hour or more of chasing her around the paddock, I finally gave up and decided to put her in the pig paddock.

Thank goodness the pigs went last week.

10 minutes later there I was with sammie sitting on her and me with my arm up her whatsit. I managed to get one leg out, but there was no way I was going to manage the other one, so decided that since the lamb was probably dead anyway after all that that I would just have to pull it out by one leg and its head.

Out it came and as I plonked it down I saw the flutter of a heart beat. Not breathing, but the heart was still beating. I have him a good rub and blew some air in the general direction of it nose and still nothing. Gave it another rub and another blow watched and then suddenly it threw its head back and took a big gulp of air. Then another and then on to normal breathing.

Mum was still lieing down a bit shell shocked, so I gave her a push so that she could come and see her baby. She walked over him twice ignoring him, and in the end I rubbed my hand on him again and rubbed it on her nose. That was enough and she started to talk to him and attempt to lick him clean.

I left them alone for a little while and then went back and checked. He still hadn’t stood up. I expect he was quite tired after all that ordeal. I got Sammie to hold her sheep and sat him under her so that he could get his first drink.

Mother and baby are still in the pig house, and he still isn’t very well licked, but they are both standing and he is drinking.


I probably should have checked to make sure that there wasn’t another one, but to be honest it was just a relief to get this one out, and I didn’t really want to go back in there unless I really had to.

So I have birthed my first lamb and he lived through it.

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