Dream For Three

The Delivery

It has been waited for with alot of anticipation and worry. The birth of our first calf. Sweetie Pye was lent to us so that we could learn to milk and have our own dairy products. She arrived two months ago and it was believed that she was carring a half hereford calf.

Where she came from they started having problems with over sized calves and some very serious calving problems on account of the new bull they had brought in. I was worried!

We were in no way equiped to cope with a full problem birth and the potential loss of both cow and calf. The local vets office was put on alert.

I started taking regular photos of Sweetie Pye as things progressed towards the birth. Her udder got so big it looked like it was going to explode.


I could not imagine how the udder could get any bigger. Something had to give.

Just before lunch she started pacing around and seemed unable to decide where to put herself. Within two hours it became obvious that labour was in full swing and the baby would be here soon

I watched carefully for any signs of a problem, but did not want to intervene unless it was absolutely essential.

At 1:50pm on friday Liquorice Allsorts came into the world, with no help from anyone.

Click on the thumbnails to see the actual birth.


Two days later both mother and baby are doing really well


Now that he is here, it is believed that the father is not a hereford, but instead a Red Devon bull that belonged to Marys neighbour. Liquorice is a nice big healthy boy and appears to be doing very well so far.

We have been helping out at the milk bar since there is way more milk than what just one calf can manage. Yesterday we milked of almost eight litres of colostum over two milkings, some of which went into the freezer in case of future need. It is looking like Sweetie Pye has one blind quarter(no milk in that part of her udder) with another one having very little, so most of the milk is coming from the two front teats. Even so there is still plenty there to feed one calf with a bit left over for the house.

We have some more pigs arrivingthis week so they will be able to to have some as well.

I couldn’t resist this family photo – Sweetie Pye, Liquorice Allsorts, and that is Cricket(Sweetie Pyes daughter from last year) on the other side of the tape.


Happy Families.


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