Dream For Three

Birthday at Zion Wildlife Gardens

This year we took Samantha to Zion Wildlife Gardens for her birthday – she had been asking for quite a while, and it all managed to work out this year.

As we expected it turned out to be a bit of an expensive trip (especially with the stuffed toys and t-shirts that we purchased after the tour).  They have a great range of animals at the park and there’s some interesting insights available as well.  It’s probably not something you would want to do on a regular basis – it’s very much like the Zoo in that respect.

Here are a few pictures from the visit, including the keeper who was killed later in the year by the white lions he was feeding.



Red Deer

White Lion


Feeding White Lions

Main Lion

At one point, while we were standing by the main pride and the white lions were about to be fed, I was growled at by this little lady – I don’t think she appreciated having the camera on her so much.


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