Dream For Three

The infamous shed moves a step closer

It all started several months ago (the October 2008, but not purchased until November 2008, according to the bank statement), when I decided that buying a kitset shed would be a brilliant idea – get some of the seldom used stuff out of the house, while keeping it safe from the weather.

Little did I know when I ordered the shed (in October 2008) that there was more to it than just linking a whole heap of panels together – apparently we needed some sort of flat platform on which to build it!  After several discussions with people who know, combined with my lack of desire to dig a flattish section into a gently sloping hill, I decided it would be best to put in a wooden floor.

Being the definite non-builder that I am,  I headed off to the local Carters store to get what I needed – amazingly enough the floor cost about half the price of the shed!  Even then, I later found that I still didn’t have everything yet.

It was December 2008 by this time and I was starting to realise that I had to get this floor built so that I could get on with the shed, which had now been sitting in a box for over a month.  Further discussions with people in the know found me digging a number of holes for posts – this turned out to be much harder than expected; for starters, I really don’t like digging holes.

It’s taken until mid-January, but I have now put in 13 posts, built the frame, and laid the plywood floor.  I have learnt many things, including how to mix concrete, how to square a frame, and how to procrastinate (Ok, so I already knew how to do the last one).

The next week or two should (hopefully) see me constructing the shed so we can finally start using it.  I’ve had a quick look at the instructions and it doesn’t sound as simple as it looks, so fingers crossed.

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