Dream For Three

A Visit to the Boys

Today was Sweetie Pyes day, she was due to come into heat tomorrow and the plan was that she would go over the fence today and be there for a couple of days visiting some very handsome boys and then come home again, hopefully in calf.

Last night when I went to shut Liquorice up for the night, so that I could milk in the morning before Sweetie Pye went, I noticed that she was looking close to being in heat. Sure enough by this morning she was in full swing and would stand for anything that was going. I did manage to get some milk out of her, but as is typical at this time for her, she really didn’t want to cooperate more than she could help.

There was still seven bulls in the paddock but the farmer has assured me that his worker would take five of them out by 10.00am and Sweetie Pye and Liquorice could spend a couple of days in there with the other two.

While I was feeding the chickens I could hear a bike tearing around the paddock and sure enough there was the worker chasing bulls all over the place with his bike.  It was quite funny to watch, and there was nothing gentle about his approach.

He chased the ones to be left at a flat out run to either end of the paddock and then before they could all regroup he whipped around and chased the others out the gate and up the race. When he had finished I think there were two very bewildered looking bulls left wondering what had just happened.

Anyway it gave me the chance to safely get a cow in full heat and her calf into the paddock and the gate shut very firmly behind them.

The presence of Sweetie Pye certainly made a difference to the bulls and they haven’t wasted anytime getting down to buisness. I can see them from my kitchen window and what a funny sight they make to see cow striding along around the paddock with two bulls following along in single file, Daisy and Cricket are standing at the fenceline calling to her to come home, and poor little Liquorice is standing in the middle of the paddock wondering what to do because Mum told him to go away so that she could play with the big boys, and sister and aunty are on the other side of the fence, and the big boys don’t want to know him. Poor boy I am sure he will live through it though.

We have decided to try and get a replacement milking cow out of Sweetie Pye next year on account of her being an older cow, and also she is still only on lone to us. So with these things in mind she is in with two Jersey Bulls and will we will hope for a Heifer this time. It is not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen like this but in the ideal world kthat would be what we would order.

Daisy is continuing to look like a pregnant cow and she now has the cutest little uder developing, she is in calf to a low birth weight Murray Grey, but it did take three goes at having her AIed before she got pregnant. She is due around the end of July.

With this in mind Bevan needs to get on and get the new milking bail built, he has holidays coming up at easter so I am really hoping to see some progress on them then. It will be needed to train Daisy to milk and since she doesn’t like change much, the sooner it is done the sooner she can get use to going in there for her hay, and we can start getting her use to being handled in there.

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