Dream For Three

Daisy Is A Mummy

It was a long wait and with much excitment that we awaited the arrival of Daisys’ first calf.

She was due on the 20th of August and we were told that she would go up to 10 days early. Well the powers to be were wrong and she kept us waitingfor the full term and over.

On the morning of the 21st I noticed she was off her food a little, and then all of a sudden she took off under the trees where I couldn’t see her for the house.

I finished all the other chores and then went to investigate, and sure enough labour had started. I saw the water bag break fairly soon after I went ot check on her, so I hung around for a bit  to be sure all went well.

Daisy was very calm about having me there and even came over for a back scratch in between contractions.

It took a long time between the feet coming and seeing the nose arriving. I guess because it was her first calf that it took a while for everything to stretch and relax enough. Daisy was showing signs of getting tired so a got her a bucket of warm water with some molasses in it, which she downed pretty quickly follwed closely by most of a second bucket.

After that things moved alot quicker and within about ten minutes we had a little grey bull calf whom we called Murray.

Daisy_Murray 015

It took close on 45 minutes to stand but after that he found the milk bar really quickly

Daisy_Murray 017

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