Dream For Three

Our First Chook Dome

Sharon has been doing a great job with the gardens.  For some time now she has been talking about chicken domes and the benefits of them.  She eventually found a set of plans for building a chicken dome and I went out to gather up all the bits and pieces we needed (well, apart from the pipe, which we had delivered).

The first step, of course, was the frame – this turned out to be a little cumbersome to build, but with a bit of effort from both Sharon and myself, we managed to put this together.

Chook Dome Frame

The next step was to put some sort of bracing in place so that this frame doesn’t fall to pieces!  We managed to do this with the baling twine we had from the hay we got at the start of Winter.

Chook Dome Bracing

Finally, we used a tarp that my brother left up here before he moved to Christchurch at the end of last year.  This has been placed over the top of the dome to provide the chooks with some protection from the wind and rain.

Chook Dome Complete

The tarp is secured to the surrounding ground with tent pegs and to some of the trees by cord.

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