Dream For Three

That Time Again

It has been a while since anyone has written anything on here, so time for an update.

We are still patiently awaiting the arrival of Daisy’s first calf. We are all prepared for it with the milking bay functional, and Daisy willing to go in and eat in there. We have calcium in case of milk fever, and a one calf feeder to aid in teaching Daisy to let down her milk for us. In the meantime she is getting her daily dose of magnesium sprinkled on her hay.

Bevan has managed to destroy yet another car, which once again leaves me with a less than reliable car to use. Even more so at the moment since it battery is stuffed and needs to be replaced.

Most of winter has been spent at the sewing machine. The decision was made to make christmas gifts for people this year, so quite alot of planning has been going into just what we want to do.

Firstly let me say that I want to avoid making food related gifts, so we have to lookk at other possibilites. Secondly, although Bevan came up with the idea of making a play garage for a little boy, in reality he will never get around to it, and I would not be very good at it.

So firstly I have been making quilted christmas stockings for all the children, some of them are even named so can double as the wrapping for the gift. The good thing about this is that after spending all the money to buy material and a whole book of patterns for Sammie last year, I can say that we have had our money’s worth now.

Christmas Stocking Ours (Small)

Then comes the problem of what to put into the stockings. But more on that later when I have finished a few more things for it. In the meantime, I have quite a few ideas of things I can make, as well as still being on the lookout for more.

Out of the same pattern book, I am also going to make a tree skirt this year. Something that every year I wished I had, but never got around to.

I have also almost finished painting the main bathroom, a job that was well overdue to be done. Now I have to listen to Sammie complaining about how plain it looks compared to the old fashioned flowery wall paper that we on there. Still she will get over it.

Now I have decided not to have any lambs this year. Last years lambing was not a great one for many people, and we were no exception. So I politely declined the use of a ram for this year, so that should lower the stress levels somewhat. It also means that Daisy’s calf will probably be the only baby born here this year, as we won’t be doing any chicks either I don’t think.

kThe chickens are slowly starting to lay again, and we managed to sell our first dozen surplus eggs of the season last week, with another ready for the coming week as well. The unexpected demise of the rooster, will give us a chance to take stock and decide if we still want to continue with the same breeds and everything.

Now as for the garden, well I am still waiting for the finishing of the garden boxes. In fact it is fair to say that they are no closer to being done, and it is time for a new plan since Bevan does not like doing the boxes. So for me it is a chance to encourage the making of a chicken dome instead, and then I can garden more in the style I wanted to before we moved here.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love that this place already had a chicken house, orchard and garden planning already done, it is just not all laid out in the way I wanted. So now is my big chance, and maybe the only one I will get, to finallydo something they way I wanted.

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