Dream For Three

Enhancing The Milking Bay

With all the rain we got over Winter it was painfully obvious that we needed a floor on the milking bay.  This would solve at least two problems – the cows would no longer be knee deep in mud while we (ie. Sharon) were trying to milk, and they would (hopefully) be less hesitant to actually go into the milking bay.  Oh, one more thing, there would be significantly less chance of getting the milk bucket covered in mud.

The frame was relatively easy to put together, although there were a few basic mistakes due to things I had overlooked.  I nailed the outside rails to the posts, only to realise that it was then going to be a little more difficult to put the inside rails on.  However, because of the non-exact nature of the milking bay, I didn’t want to risk building the frame in its entirety only to find that it didn’t fit between the posts.

Milking Bay Floor Frame

The next step was to put the floor boards on top.

Milking Bay Floor Boards

You will notice that we now have chains and a head bail in place – these were specifically for Daisy, but they have proved quite useful for other things as well.

Milking Bay Floor Complete

I must say, this has to be the best job I’ve done in a long time!

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