Dream For Three

Sweetie Pye gets a new baby

Yesterday morning we took Liquorice over to the neighbours, where there is more grass than we have for now, and I must say that he is not very impressed. Even though there are eight other steers in the same large paddock, he is being a baby and missing his mum, but at 10 months old he is well and truely ready to go it alone.

At 4 o’clock Ollie arrived.

Ollie  (2) (Small)

He is straight off his mum and is only a day old. He looked pretty sad when he arrived, probably having a bit of motion sickness from the trip.

We let him settle abit and then put Sweetie Pye into the milking bay and let him have a small feed. He didn’t take alot of convincing, only a small squirt of milk onto his tongue and he was away. Sweetie Pye of course is not so happy and would gladly kick him off, but that will pass in a few days.

This morning Ollie was a lot more lively, but was very hungry, so I let him have another feed.

Ollie Drinking (Small)

I have to put Sweetie Pye in the milking bail and tie her leg so allow him to have a feed, but so far it is working quite well, and it is only a matter of time before she will accept him and they can be lft in peace.

So this was our answer to the lost baby. Now we have two calves and two empty cows. Not quite what we had planned for but we will move forward from here again.

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