Dream For Three

Sweetie Pye Lost her Baby

We have started slowly the process of weaning Liquorice and drying off Sweetie Pye before she has her next calf in January. She didn’t need to be dry until november, but with Daisy having calved we didn’t need the milk so decided to just take it slowly and dry her off slowly.

All was going well, until this morning. I went to do the daily check on everyone, and there at the side of the paddock, was an almost perfectly formed but very early and small calf. Sweetie Pye had got into the macrocarpa and slipped her calf as a result.

I feel so sad, but now we also have to do the right thing by her, we just have to work out which way to go. The biggest problem will be getting her to clean out properly and not get an infection so we will be watching her closely. We also have to decide whether to continue to dry her off or not.

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