Dream For Three

Laurel and Hardy have an Adventure

About 4 weeks ago we got our new batch of pigs. Two Large Black male weaners whom we named Laurel and Hardy.

How lovely for me yesterday, Bevan got up and did all the morning chores, while I just lingered in bed and read a book. Can’t remember the last time that happened.

Later I had a call from the local vets telling us that two of our sheep had run across the road in front of a car and were now in the neighbours bobby calf pen.  Very odd considering that the sheep were way up in the orchard, but I went and checked them anyway, and sure enough all of ours were present and accounted for. I rang the vet back and then thought nothing more about it.

After lunch we popped up the road briefly and on the way home we noticed that the gate to the pig paddock was open. No sign of the pigs anywhere.

My new vege garden is right by the pig gate, but not a vege was touched, nor was there any sign of there passing. The neighbours hadn’t seen them, and they were not around the road anywhere. We started to worry that someone might of taken them while we were out. To the point that Bevan decided to ring the police and report them stolen. He could reach them so he left them a message.

About 2 hours later, we started to wonder if the found sheep were in fact our missing pigs – but then surely country people could tell the difference between pigs and sheep.

Anyway, Bevan wandered over to check the bobby calf pen across the road, and sure enough there were our two little piggies. I took the car down but the naughtly little things would not go into the boot, so they had to come up in the back seat. Finally they were back where they belong.

Pigs L&H

Now even after scrubbing the seats down the car still smells like a pig, not a good thing on a hot summer day.

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