Dream For Three

No more wrapping paper

This year I decided to spend money to save in the long run. So instead of buying rolls and rolls of wrapping to just be thrown out after christmas, I decided to start making gift bags.


I started out making just a couple for Bevans birthday, and went on to make some for christmas as well. The plan is to make some each year until we have enough not to need paper wrapping at all.

One of the big advantages is that they can be made according to the size we need, and I am enjoying putting the pictures on them.

They are like a reusable extention of the christmas stocking that I made for lots of kids for christmas this year, as part of our homemade christmas gift ideas.

Christmas Stocking Ours (Small)

Here are three of the type of stocking that I made, they are all quilted and so should last the test of time without falling apart. Some of them even had the childs name embroidered on the top. I made puppets, bathbombs, soft toys and of course stockings for the different children.

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