Dream For Three

My New Sewing Bag

My friend Maureen in Australia organised a pattern for a Sewing Tote Stable bag to be sent over for me to make.

My first attempt was pretty hopeless, I seemed to be having a bad day and the instructions required thinking about as I made it.

After scraping that bag I had another attempt with some nice Fairy frost fabric that I really liked. Needless to say the end result came out much better

It is a cute little bag that can be just slung over my shoulder when I go to classes.

Sewing bag closed

It then opens up like a basket and will sit open while I am working.

Sewing basket

It even has a couple of pockets on the inside so small things don’t get lost.

Sewing Bag Pocket

And a flap on one side that opens to show a place to put needles and pins. Nice and convenient.,

Sewing bag needle

Now Maureen I will make you one when you let me know what colour you would like. Thank you for the pattern.

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