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Being Creative While Recovering

This winter has seen me needing to recover from a couple of injuries that have kept me a little limited in what I do.

One was a broken rib and the other was a sprained hand. Both these injuries restricted what I was able to do outside, so I have been pottering along as best I could with some creative crafts.

One of the things I did was to take a class named “The Amazing Plait Bag”. The bag is a really good size and very sturdy, and the handles are done in a seven way plait that looks …well, quite amazing.

Plait Bag handles

We plaited the handles on an old CD with slots cut out of it, and once I got the rhythm it was a simply but tedious job.

Plait Bag

The main bag was pieced straight onto the pellon and then the seams were covered with embroidery stitches. The originalĀ pattern had the cell phone pocket in the front quite small, so I enlarged it just a little and instead of using a button and button hole stitched on some velcro dots and just put a button on the top.

Over all I was quite pleased with the finished result and I can see myself using this bag often.

One Response to “Being Creative While Recovering”

  1. Yvonne says:

    Hi there, do like your site, Have visited before and have thought I would like to do that….perhaps thirty years ago:-)
    Your xmas stockings remind me of some my daughter embroidered several years ago. My skills with a sewing needle are rather clumsy Im afraid. Not that I havent had day dreams of making quilts and such things.
    Hope this comes thru to you okay, Yvonne