Dream For Three

And So It Begins

Yesterday afternoon, the first lamb arrived, and not from the ewe we thought would be first. A tiny little ewe lamb that failed to stand and so didn’t get her first feed, or any other feed from mum.

After about an hour I decided that intervention was going to be needed, so I went out and found she had become quite cold and floppy. She could stand and she couldn’t suck.

She was warmed as quickly as possible and I got some Lamb rightstart into her, she rallyed and after a few regular feeds she appeared to be turning a corner.

She was still very fragile and alas only managed to live for 30 hours.

This morning we were greeted with a set of triplets. Not what I wanted as often mum can’t feed three for long. For now she is managing all three, but we will see how long that lasts before we have to feed one ourselves.

So now two have lambed and we only have five to go.

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