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A Quick Update

It is freezing cold today, we have even had hail which is unusual for this time of the year. Anyway it is a good day do an update.

Quite alot of things have happened here lately and although I have been meaning to come here and tell all about it, time has got away form me. I will try to think back and start at the beginning, and hit the highlights.

Firstly we have lambs again this year. It swung off to bad start with the first little lamb arriving early and not being able to stand or suck. Despite our best efforts she was not able to last the distance. She was followed the next day with triplets, who then got caught a heavy frost and so didn’t survive either. Not a good start.

We then had three lots of twins, Arnica is Sammies pet from three years ago, and she had to have a little help to deliver her boy/girl twins, since they were trying to race for the finish line together. She then kept them in the pig house for the nest three days, and so they got over the worse of the weather and are doing well.

The next twins were a week later. Two ewes,  both had still born babies last time, both had twins within hours of each other, both rejected one lamb each. Dolly and Dino ended up being hand raised by us, both having brothers that are thriving on their mums.

Dolly and Dino

They spent the first week in an old dog crate in the corner of the room, before progessing to the deck and then the paddock. Dino was really small,but both lambs have grown well and have accepted us as their parents.

We also had a couple of single lambs, one of them was huge and need help to be delivered, because her shoulders got stuck. All are doing well, so the only losses were those ones at the beginning.

A week after all the lambs, Sneezy gave us her first calf, and our first heifer. She arrived an hour before a huge storm, so was aptly named Stormy.


She is half Murray Grey and is very adventerous. I am often losing her as she does not stay with mum, but will instead climb through the fences and wander away.

Sneezy is proving to be a very nice house cow, giving us plenty of milk to feed the lambs, us and make cheese. She has settled into the routine so easily. I can’t tell how good it is to have real milk again.

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