Dream For Three

It All Happens At Once

Yesterday was the day of for everything to happen.

My car was getting a new motor, hopefully no more oil leak. Richard has very kindly offered to put it in for us, and even found us a very good deal on the now one. Thank you Richard.

Our new little piglets were due to arrive late morning, and the shearing wanted to come early afternoon. At least we were getting it all over and done with in one day.

The pigs were a little late, but they had a long way to come. While we were waiting I had a call from the quilter saying that my Dear Jane quilt was ready to pick up, so I shot off to get that while Bevan stayed and waited for the pigs.


The shearer arrived about 10 minutes after I got back home, and as is often the way of things the pigs a few minutes later.

It was a really hot day so the little boys had a big drink, and then crawled into the house for a very big sleep


The shearer was happy that the yards where he would be working had a lot of shade so it made his job so much easier. The little lambs that are still on there mothers were a bit confused, as they seemed not to recognise their mothers with there coats off.

Naked Sheep

So once again we have a paddock full of naked sheep.

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