Dream For Three

Gorgeous Gemma Joins Jack

This event has been in the planning stages for almost a year.  Today, after nearly two months of eager anticipation, Gemma (or Gem for short) has finally joined our menagerie.


We first met Gemma when she was just four weeks old – very cute even then, as you can see from the pictures below.  There’s was some debate over her name before we met her – Sharon wanted Gemma, but Samantha didn’t like that name (although didn’t really come up with any good alternatives herself).  I toyed with ideas like Jill (since we already have Jack), or even Jewel (a cross between Gem and Jill), but those were both vetoed by Sharon citing the fact that the name did not have to have anything to do with Jack.  After meeting her for the first time, we all agreed that she is definitely a Gemma!


It was an early start this morning, leaving home at 8:30am in order to be in Auckland to pick her up around mid-morning.  Along the way we stopped at a pet store to get more toys/treats, as well as the supermarket to get a few odds and ends.  We eventually collected her just after 10:30am – not bad timing if I do say so myself.  In the car (in her box, or old cat cage as it was) she whimpered a bit at first – but this soon subsided when Samantha opened the cage door and allowed her to lie on the towel we had left with her during our initial visit – this had familiar scents such as her mother and herself.

On the long trip home there was only one stop – she had been asleep and she woke up, so we decided we’d stop at the rest stop at the top of Dome Valley to see if she needed a toilet break.  It turns out that this was possibly her first introduction to grass – well, she was very interested in it anyway.

Not needing to go to the toilet, it was soon back in the car and an uneventful remainder of the journey home.  Once at home she was cautiously introduced to Jack and then the grass.  A short stint outside, followed by her lunch, some water, a “real” toilet break, and then some more play, she was in her enclosed area inside and out to the world.

Jack and Gemma are still getting introduced – Jack is keen to sniff butts and do all the usual doggy stuff, but Gemma is still very unsure of him (probably because Jack is so eager and bouncy).  They are getting better already and they have been a little closer together during Gemma’s second session outside – she is once again fast asleep.

Another update: by the end of the first day Gemma is starting to play with Jack.  Rascal (the older of the cats) has met Gemma as well and started the process of telling her who is boss.

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