Dream For Three

A Bolt in the Dark

Well it has been a long time since I have written on this blog, so I will try to get back to it and be more regular.

This seems to be late year here for babies, We are still awaiting the arrival of this seasons lambs. Based on when the ram went in they are now 10 days late and no sign of any popping out yet.

Our calf for this year was born to Sneezy. He was also late by just over 2 weeks. Born in the wee small hours of a Monday morning we were not actually there for the birth.

bolt day 1Here he is at less than a day old. He has white stripes down three of his legs so we have called him Bolt. His mum has a ton of milk so our friends have mothered another calf on to help him out. Even with that both calves have had problems with overeating. I have been milking every day and Bolt needed a bit of help with some Scourban tablets from the vet.

It was wonderful today to see him at 15 days old have a bit of a bounce around the paddock, so he must be feeling better. He is such a laid back boy, I know we are going to enjoy looking after him.

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