Dream For Three

And so it begins…

The sheep were due to start lambing last week, and Daisy (the cow) was due to have her calf in about another week or two.  Sticking with tradition, the sheep waited for the worst weather of the week before they started.

On Saturday night (around 8:30pm) Betty started with the first of her two lambs.  She had them at the other end of the paddock she was in, and they were black, so at that time of night it was very difficult to tell what was going on.  However, again in true “Betty” style, she had both lambs without any problems – one boy and one girl.

On Sunday we moved Betty and her lambs into paddocks with more grass and eagerly watched the other three pregnant sheep.  Although Ember looked promising, nothing changed all day and we went to bed with no signs of new babies imminent.

Monday morning arrived and I looked out the window (to the back of the section) and saw five cows walking down the hill – one much shorter than the rest.  Unfortunately they were headed for the overflowing stream (it’s been raining almost constantly since Saturday afternoon).  The other three cows were very interested in the new arrival – but DW was worried that it might fall in the stream.

DW headed down to encourage them all to move back up to the top of the hill.  The other cows didn’t seem to want to do this and were quite intent on pushing the calf into the stream (so it would seem).  Failing to be able to lift the calf (to carry him up the hill), we decided instead to chase the other three cows up the hill and into the yards.  Daisy stayed down the bottom with her calf (on a bit of a rise and away from the stream).

Arriving back to the house, DW checked on the sheep and found that Hoppy had started lambing – the second was on its way out as she arrived.  We both went down the front of the section to check that Betty and her lambs had survived the night – which they had.  We didn’t get too close, just enough to see that they were alright.

Back to the lambing sheep and both of Hoppy’s were out – she was busy cleaning off the second, while it was struggling to stand up on a muddy wooden floor (in the small shed we have in that paddock).  DW has just confirmed (about half an hour later) that both of Hoppy’s lambs are now up and feeding.

Back inside at 7:30am and we’re ready for a break!


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