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First Destination Reached

We made it to London at long last. I was going to do a post at Munich but it turned out that the connecting flight was about five minutes walk from where we arrived and was boarding when we got there. Managed to get a quick snap before we left.


The flight from Munich to London was reasonably short, but we still ended up about 15 mins late. The queues at Heathrow were diabolical, but processing was quick and painless.

Next we found that the luggage did not arrive with us. This made us a bit nervous because we were told to leave it next to carousel 1 at LA and then we were told that our luggage would be automatically transferred to the London flight at Munich. It turned out that our luggage never made it to the connecting flight in Munich – so it wasn’t far away. Lufthansa ensured us that it would be delivered tonight.

Then we reached the Heathrow terminal 2 exit at 5:20pm, only to find that our transfer shuttle had left after 90 minutes from when the plane was supposed to have arrived – colour me not impressed! So we arranged another shuttle for an extra £40 ($100), which is about what we paid for the first one. That said, the driver was pretty good and showed us where some things were on the way to the apartment and also talked about things we can do in various areas of London.

The Vancouver Studio apartments people have been really good so far too – very accommodating and easy to deal with. Below are a few shots of our apartment – I’ll post more later if I get a chance.

For now it’s off to find dinner, maybe a mobile phone sim, and then crash out for a late morning start tomorrow.



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  1. Giz's nan says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted. Hope your luggage arrived.