Dream For Three

London – my thoughts and impressions

London is a huge city that seems to be built on top of itself. For the most part it is tall narrow buildings, cramming as much as possible into very little space. The streets are narrow and it surprises me that there isn’t more gridlock – but perhaps that’s a credit to the public transport system.

We found that the tube was easy to navigate and relatively intuitive. Having said that, we never used the buses and the coaches/trains were well organised.

The people push and shove and don’t tend to move out of the path of anyone else, unless it’s at the last minute. But they do tend to maintain two distinct streams and as long as you’re in the right stream, moving at a reasonable pace, it’s not a problem. There is none of the politeness that we had expected, except from other tourists, the tour guides and assistants, and the souvenir shops.

Food is interesting. We were aiming to sample the local cuisine in each city visited, but we struggled to find such a thing in London. Jason and Nicole pointed out that a lot of traditional English food is really a take on Indian or other Eastern cuisines. While in London I think we ended up eating Italian the most. Although we struggled to find a food estabishment served by “traditional English people” (once in all the time we were there?) we have been told that this is to be expected.

One of the things I was surprised to find that I liked was all of the history and how it ties back to the Royal Family and even the Romans – I’ve never been that much interested in history. Then again, maybe that’s because of the NZ and other irrelevant history I’ve been fed when I was younger.

Would we return? Yes, definitely. But, I have a nagging feeling that it is the sort of place best taken in small doses. Now MK, on the other hand, is a beautiful place with many (all?) of the expected amenities, in close proximity to London. It was beautiful countryside without the rush and stress that I could imagine would be found in London.

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