Dream For Three

Springtime in Paris

We started the day with breakfast at the hotel – available from 7am, it was perfect for an early start. After breakfast we ordered a taxi to take us to the Louvre – our research told us to get there early and head straight for the Mona Lisa. Arriving just after 8am, there were already about a dozen people in the queue (the Louvre opens at 9am). While waiting I took a few pictures and worked out where the Mona Lisa is. When the doors opened they let the priority ticket line through first then, after a few of them had gone through, they started our line. After a quick bag search we arrived at the foyer, not sure whether we had to pay. There was a queue at a ticket booth, so we joined that and bought our tickets, which saved us a lot of time in the end.

The Louvre is an absolutely massive place, but we found the path to the Mona Lisa was well marked – although it was quite a long walk. Arriving there, the crowds were already building up but we could get close to the rope. In the end DW and myself both managed to get right up to the rope. Passing by later (on our way back) we noticed that the crowd was already bigger than when we were there.



We walked through most of the rest of the Louvre and then headed off to catch the Hop On Hop Off bus just outside. At this stage we were ahead of schedule, as we had planned to spend more time there. We took the bus to Notre Dame where again the line was very long, but it was moving quickly. Once inside we looked around and took some photos – not much to see, just another cathedral really. Still ahead of schedule, we stopped at Cafe Quasimodo for lunch, which was just down the road a bit. We were going to visit St Chappelle (across from Notre Dame) but decided to do some souvenir shopping instead – plus, we needed hats to shield us from the hot sun. We also got a T-shirt for DD.

On the bus again, we headed to the Pantheon. The most interesting part of this was the crypts, where many famous French people are buried, including Marie Curie. After the Pantheon we headed back to the street and did some shopping before taking the bus to Musee de l’Armee.



At the Army Museum we went through the courtyard and then found the tomb of Napoleon. We also stopped for an ice cream and a drink (although service was terrible) and DW and I went through the war section (which proved quite long). We then took the bus to Musee d’Orsay, but arrived there to find it closed at 6pm (we arrived at 5:30pm), so we decided not to go in.

We took the bus to Place de la Concorde and then changed buses to go up to Printemps (which means Spring in French, but it’s a huge fashion store, much like Harrods in London). After going through many levels in two buildings, we decided that it wasn’t for us (for example, there was a thin jersey DW liked which was 70% off, but the original price was 440 €).

Having had enough for the day, we stopped at a cafe for dinner and then returned to the hotel, which proved to be about a three minute walk. We bought some chocolate eclairs on the way back (our second lot for the day).

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