Dream For Three

The Olde Thatched Inn

Today was a bit more of a relaxed day, heading out to Milton Keynes to visit friends. We took the tube West to Edgware Road, then changed trains to head East to Euston Square. From there it was a short walk to Euston Station where we manged to get tickets for the 9:10am train reasonably cheap (compared to what I had seen on the internet anyway). We could have taken the 8:43 train, but it was already 8:35 and we hadn’t had breakfast. The guy at the ticket counter asked if we were from NZ – I asked if it was my T-shirt or accent that gave it away, to which he replied “It’s the way you said nine-tin”.

The journey was quite quick – about 30 minutes and Jason was there to pick us up. We noticed that many of the seats around us said “Reserved” but most of ours were “Reserved from Crewe”. However, once I realised that Crewe was one of the stops, it made perfect sense. A young asian girl said that DW was in her seat – when we pointed out there was a spare seat, she insisted she had booked a window seat. DW moved into the spare seat and I sat next to the asian girl. I had to chuckle to myself when she spent the whole time eating asian food (Joy Tofu?) and watching a movie on her phone – I don’t know that she looked out the window once.

Arriving at MK, I managed to go through the gates without issue, but DW’s and DD’s tickets were both rejected. They were both let through after a quick check of the tickets.

It was a short car ride to Jason and Nicole’s. We had a bit of a catch up, a tour of the cottage and the gardens, and then Jason and I went on to talk about work. DW mentioned that we couldn’t find the Annie and Clarabelle carriages (Thomas the tank engine) when we were at Hamleys, so Nicole found they were at the local Toys R Us and reserved them.

We headed out to the Olde Thatched Inn for lunch, which was a very nice meal – thanks to Jason and Nicole for shouting us! While we were out and about, we dropped by MK Central to pick up the carriages. We finished off with a tour of the town and then back to the cottage. After a bit more of a chinwag, Jason dropped us all back at the train station so we could return to London.

As it was our last night in London we decided to drop by Victoria Coach Station to see if a souvenir place was still open – DD had seen something she wanted to get when we went to Stonehenge. Arriving there around 7:30pm we found it was closed. We then searched for somewhere to have dinner, because we didn’t want to eat at 10pm again. We found an Italian restaurant named Prezzo upstairs somewhere between Victoria Coach Station and Victoria Train Station – it was probably the best dinner we had had in London.

After dinner we took the tube back to Notting Hill Gate and walked back to the apartment. Although the day wasn’t so rushed, we had done a reasonable amount of walking since returning to London, so we crashed out reasonably quickly – not before DW put a load of washing on though.

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