Dream For Three

A Day in LA

Our flight to Auckland was not until 10:30pm, so we had some time to spare in the money.  We started off by taking a taxi to Venice Beach, where we first headed South along the walkway before the shops got further apart and the area got more dodgy (if that’s possible – there were regular “medicinal marijuana” outlets along that walk).  So we headed North and enjoyed that walk a lot more, stopping off on the way to get some t-shirts.  As we walked further along we eventually came to Santa Monica Pier, so we spent some time walking around that, then DW and DD rode the ferris wheel.


We had lunch at a takeaway place just off the pier and then walked to the nearby mall (in order to get out of the sun for a while).  We checked out the mall and, not finding much of interest, we decided to catch a taxi back to the hotel.  We had planned to go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but we were too hot and tired by then.  The trip back to the hotel was long and a little slow (as the highway was slowly turning into a carpark, although we were ahead of that).  With limited time, we checked out of the hotel and took their shuttle to the airport, where we waited patiently for our final flight home.  We had dinner at the airport and just relaxed some more.



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