Dream For Three

A different world

On 7th July we had breakfast where we were staying (since it was included) and lazed a bit before checking out at 9:30am. The train station was a short walk away, where we then had to wait an hour or so for our train. It was a little confusing because we were on Italo rather than Trenitalia and the train number on our tickets didn’t match those on the departures board. We managed to work it out and got on the right train.

An hour and a half later we arrived in Rome (doing speeds upwards of 250km/h) and our transfer driver was there to meet us. The walk to his van seemed endless, but we got there in the end. After that, it was about a half hour drive to the apartment. On the way we observed that, as in Paris, road markings are more of a suggestion than anything else. In fact, there was one road with no lane markings and three lanes of traffic in one direction! The drivers aren’t quite as impatient as in Paris, but they will freely use their horns. This was quite a change from both Venice and Florence.

Rome itself isn’t as smelly as Florence, except in some places, but it’s just as easy to get lost in – even with Google Maps. In fact, one of the big problems I have been having with Google Maps is that it will indicate that we start walking in the right direction, but then suddenly say we are walking in the opposite direction. But at least we have the detail of the street names – although they’re not always so easy to find on the streets.

In our apartment we gathered up all the laundry that needed to be done and took it downstairs where they had washers and dryers. After a few attempts we managed to find some that were available. A few hours later the washing was clean and dry and we all went out to see the “famous” area of Trastevere. We eventually reached Saint Maria Basilica, but we hadn’t really seen anything of restaurants or shops I had read about. Heading back we went through a park and got some wonderful views over Rome.


Once back at the apartment, DD decided to stay in while DW and I headed out for dinner. After another busy “down day” we collapsed into bed for the night.

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