Dream For Three

A Night Off

This morning (9 July) we left early (8am) in order to have time to get to the Vatican Museums entrance (about 20 minutes walk) and have breakfast on the way. We grabbed some rolls and drinks from a shop across the road from the Vatican and sat on the steps (our meeting point) to eat them. It didn’t take long for the place to fill up (which we had been advised about the day before). We saw a young girl (she can’t have been more than 10, if that) going around all the tourists asking for money – they clearly start begging at an early age.

Once the 8:45am group had cleared, we started to get into our group – there must have been at least 100 people for the 9am tour, split into groups of about 20. Our guide was very good and provided a lot of background information. However, I noticed that she very much kept in line with the Christian stories, unlike our Crypts and Catacombs guide earlier in the week (even though it was the same company).

We were led through a lot of the Vatican Museums, but with such an extensive area, it’s not possible to cover evrything in a guided tour.


Towards the end of the tour we went through the Sistine Chapel, where everybody was supposed to be silent. As the noise built up, a voice over the loudspeaker regularly (every few minutes) reminded everyone to be quiet – damn tourists!

After the tour was completed, we took a few more shots and then head back to the apartment for a rest. I picked up some lunch from a cafe next door and we ate in our room. We had planned to visit Capitoline Hill and the Hendrik Christian Andersen museum but, with the heat and endless walking for the last three weeks, we decided to give ourselves a break. So we stayed indoors, watched TV, and had some well earned sleep.

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